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What legacy do you want to help your Employees & Families create?

Educate your Employees

Spending, saving and money habits are learned from a young age, whether they are discussed or not. Many of us come from families where the fundamentals of finance and budgeting were never taught to us

– but the cycle doesn’t have to continue!

Secure Family Legacies for generations to come by breaking the cycle of unhealthy money habits and family dynamics for good!

I don't have time or energy

I either give in too much to my kids, or I’m too hard-nosed on them. When my kids ask me for money or toys, I feel guilty either way and it’s my fault for not teaching…

I'm so tired of reminding my kids to do everything 24/7.

I feel like I’m nagging them and it’s exhausting. They hardly listen the first time and I keep battling over the same issues. How will they ever become self- motivated to…

I don't have my own finances figured out

Money doesn’t grow on trees and I have not exactly been the prime example of healthy finances. I can’t ever expect my kids to respect me …. either give in too much to my kids, or I’m too hard-nosed on them. When my kids ask me for money or toys, I feel guilty either way and it’s my fault for not teaching…

Empower your Employees & Families with the tools to prepare the next generation for the creation of their own wealth!

What are these two apps, you may be wondering?


The world’s first gamified banking platform for kids and teens.
With real bank accounts and debit cards, kids, teens, adults, parents, and grandparents can join the adventure!

Use the GravyStack app to teach the 5 core money skills instilling values such as delayed gratification, personal and financial responsibility and healthy communication flow around earning, saving and spending money.

No kids, new kids or empty nesters can all benefit from the live training and access to live workshops on taxes, investing, 401K, budgeting, behavior, college prep and more. Secure your family legacy for generations to come and prepare your kids for their own wealth!


Save towards specific goals effortlessly while spending money and enjoy enhanced purchasing power on everyday purchases.

You’re willing to tip everyone else, but what about yourself? Using Guac’s patented auto-tipping technology, save effortlessly fowards goals such as debt reduction, a down payment, an investment or your next vacation!

Living life has become more expensive, however, pay and wages are not keeping up with this steep incline. in addition, you have to spend money on certain things no matter what. What if your purchasing power could be

Help Families Prosper for Generations

Envision a brighter world where future generations operate from a place of abundance because they learned how to create value from a young age!

Let's Build the Foundation Together

Learning the fundamentals of money and spending early on in childhood is crucial for setting a solid foundation for future financial well-being. By collaboratively weaving education and fun together to teach children about money management, budgeting, and the importance of saving, we have the ability to empower them to make informed financial decisions as they grow older.

Understanding the value of money and how to handle it responsibly enables children to develop healthy spending habits, avoid debt, and plan for the future. These essential skills learned in childhood can pave the way for financial independence, stability, and success in adulthood.
We look forward to having your join us on our journey to bring families members together around financial literacy for generations to come!

Find out how you can help yours or other employers and/or organizations provide these tools as an employee benefit or a gifted benefit for community based causes.

We want to help you. Tell us a little bit about yourself and a LIFEMASTERS professional will contact you to explain how we can support you in empowering our communities at scale for generations to come.